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“Queens” for a Day

One of the coolest movie museums I’ve ever been to is called The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens, New York. I found out that the museum would be free from 4PM-8PM on Friday and convinced my family to go for a visit. When I say convince…my sister wants to be a director, so there wasn’t much “convincing” that had to be done.

The museum has three floors and loads of fun movie props, films that you can watch, photos of famous actors, mock-ups of sets, lighting instruments, video cameras from the past, and sets that you can walk inside! My personal favorite part of the museum were the Amelie props, part of an exhibit about the writer/director of that fabulous movie. Other highlights include, the Mrs. Doubtfire mask (who knew Robin Williams could look so creepy?), a model of Yoda, photographs of famous actors like Shirley Temple and Judy Garland, and special areas where you can watch and listen to various aspects of the movies.

There are interactive areas too which is great for kids. A lot of the masks are a little scary though, so if your kids are squeamish I might stay away from those on the second floor.

For any video game fans there are some really old arcade games on the third floor that you can play along the left wall. If you follow that wall down there is an Egyptian themed movie theater that looks like it’s made of papier mache. I’m not really sure what that was all about. Maybe you’ll get the reference. But in any case, it’s really neat to take a peek!

Take a look at some of the older forms of motion picture, try your hand at editing and replace the sound in a movie with your own voice! All in all so much fun for our money (or lack thereof).

BONUS: If you do make it all the way out to Queens, a great view of Manhattan is the Socrates Sculpture Park. We only spent a short time there, but the sculptures were interesting and fun to look at and the view was lovely. Plus, it’s not crowded at all! The last photo above is taken from the park.


  • No big bags or drinks are allowed in the museum. They have lockers you can use though if you have to carry them.
  • It took us about an hour to get through the museum, without watching many of the videos, plan accordingly.
  • The museum is very nicely air conditioned if it’s still August during your visit, because, let me tell you, it is HOT.

Where: 36-01 35th Avenue  Queens, New York, NY

When: Friday 4-8PM

Cost: Free!!

What’s your favorite movie? Which props would you LOVE to see?

Safe Travels!!

8 thoughts on ““Queens” for a Day

  1. My family and I went to the MOMI last year and had a great time! My then 11-year-old son had already done some voiceover work (for an animation project) so he had fun in that sound studio changing the dialogue on the old films. Your post reminded me of how much we enjoyed New York, and we would love to go back!

    • I would be happy to accept!! Thank you so much! I’ll follow all the steps when I get some more internet after my trip! Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to answering those questions and nominating some others! How nice of you, made my day! =)

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