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Okay, today I would like to welcome guest poster, Captain Obvious, to The Penniless Traveler. I’m going to recommend one of the most blatantly obvious free travel sites in NYC, Central Park. I’ve been to Central Park several times with my family over the years and we’ve almost always visited the Southern part of the park, and missed out on a couple really beautiful parts of “central” central park.

In the middle of the park, by the turtle pond, there is a castle. Belvedere Castle to be exact. That’s what we set out to find this morning. On the way there we passed the Shakespeare Gardens. It’s a nice little walk around stony paths surrounded by flowers and Shakespearean quotes. My sister is going to be in “Twelfth Night” at the end of the month so that was a fun thing for us to do.

After our quick stop we arrived at the castle. We climbed up the towers and walked out onto platforms for a lovely view of the pond, the park and the city. After visiting the Belvedere the heat became too much for us (probably should have avoided those noon hour heat waves) so we went to the Metropolitan Museum, which happens to be free for us with our MFA Boston membership.

Coming back to the park we went to one of our favorite spots, Conservatory Boat Pond. You can watch as the model boats race around the pond and take a seat in the shade. On either side of the pond there are statues. One of Alice in Wonderland and friends, and one of Hans Christian Anderson. Those are my favorite stops in Central Central Park. Captain Obvious will retire for a little while now, but it was nice of him to pop by!


  • Don’t touch the Alice statue, it will burn your hands! Ouch!
  • Keep your eyes and ears out for street performers and musicians. They are all over the park, and often very talented!

Where: The Middle of Central Park

When: It closes at 1AM I believe, anytime during the day is perfect!

Cost: Free!

What’s your favorite place to see in the park?

Safe Travels!!

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