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A Mushroom House in the Woods: A New York Fairytale

The final stop on our fabulous road trip was “The Mushroom House.” Where I said “stopped” I probably should have said that my Dad and I “trespassed.” This is private property, as in some-lucky-shmuck lives here.

A little tricky to find, this house is up a narrow dirt road off the side of a park. Driving up the path (past the “no trespassing” sign, oops) we proceeded past the house in awe. “It looks just like Tatooine!” “Are we in outer space?” “O my gosh. Is that the garage?”

On the way back down the hill my Dad slowed the car so I could take stalker pictures out of the passenger seat window. Not until later did we think to stop along the road and walk back toward the house to take pictures through the trees.

The house is incredible. I’m led to believe it wasn’t intended to look like a group of mushrooms, but it certainly does. It’s fantastical and beautiful. The rooms seem to be suspended above the woods because each mushroom is held up by something that looks like a plant stem.

Suddenly we started to hear a dog barking. It’s unclear if it was actually coming from the house or not, but we didn’t hang around to find out. We were on our way in a matter of minutes, and if you haven’t figured it out already we didn’t have the chance to make any stops in Ohio in an effort to unpack the multitudes of boxes and drive my dad to the airport for his trip back. The Mushroom House is definitely one of the stops that will stick with me from this wonderful drive.

Where: 142 Park Road, Pittsford, NY

When: Technically never…

Cost: Free to creep by slowly in your automobile…

Safe Travels! Don’t get caught!

3 thoughts on “A Mushroom House in the Woods: A New York Fairytale

  1. Watched them build that house when I was a child, and as a young adult, went up the drive, knocked on the door, told the owners I was doing research for a college paper, and got a tour.

    So you’re not the first, and most likely not the last, to wander up that driveway 😉

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