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Road Trip Week Continues: Meeting the Lorax!



Stop number 2 on our Road Trip from Boston to Central Ohio was the quad at the Springfield Museums. While the museums do cost money, you can get into the quad between them for free.

My Dad and I parked on the street and walked a few circles, before stumbling into the quad. The first thing we saw? The Lorax and his fantastical twisted-tree house. The structure was created from a certain kind of invasive tree. By removing those trees to this location the artist was able to both do something awesome for the environment and create a beautiful tribute to Dr. Seuss and The Lorax.

We climbed on the other sculptures in the garden, and took some obligatory pictures with Thing 1, Thing 2 and the Grinch. It was a nice little walk after driving so long, and a quick stop before we hopped back into the Prius, piled to the top with my school stuff!

Where: Springfield Museums, Springfield, MA

When: 9-5 Daily

Cost: Free!

Safe Travels!!

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